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Time To Catch Up

Many of you have likely already heard of the terrible events that happened in Haiti over the past week. The assassination of Haiti’s President brought tremendous shock and heartbreak to us all not to mention added turmoil to the country. Life in Haiti was already difficult, chaotic and confusing and these events have only made it more so, as everyone watches things unfold.

And yet, whether we are ready for it or not, life continues. Our school kids in the grade 9 & 13th grades continue to prepare for government exams that are supposed to take place over the next couple of weeks. They are pictured here, the grade 9s are on top (l to r: Valandina, Nitchy, Wislinda, Eldiana), the grade 13s (the last year of High School) are below them (l to r: Louvens, Lovedine, Gacheley). They would love your prayers for them.

In general, we at the House of Hope are doing ok and so far, our area of Haiti has remained calm. Our boys, who attend university and live in the cities, face the insecurity and threat of robbery and kidnapping every day. All over Haiti, the prices of daily needs continues to rise as it is increasingly difficult to move the essentials around the country. I’m sure you can imagine that our faith gets tested and stretched regularly as we watch, pray and sometimes wait for our Father take care of our needs. We thank God daily for His faithfulness.

As you can see, there is much to pray about.

  • Pray for the country of Haiti, for the people who, once again, have had to endure a very difficult time in their lives and history of their country.

  • Pray for the president’s wife who was injured and is recovering in a hospital in Florida, pray also for their children. This entire family has been through an extremely traumatizing time, they need our prayers for not only physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

  • Pray for our kids and staff at the HOH. There is so much information flying around out there about this and other things. People are trying to use this time of chaos to bring fear rather than comfort. Pray that they would have wisdom and discernment to see what is true and what is false. Pray that they would be able to keep their eyes fixed in Jesus through this difficult time. Pray that they would continue to be a light where God has placed each one of them.

  • Pray for the current and “would be” leaders in Haiti. Pray that there would be peace among them, and that they would seek unity for the good of the wonderful people of Haiti and for the country.

  • Pray that even in the midst of such tragedy, God would be glorified, through His people, and somehow turn this mess into good for this country.

  • Pray for Linda as she daily faces decisions and choices in an ever unstable environment. Pray for wisdom, for peace in her heart and for rest.

We are very grateful for your partnership in this ministry and for being willing to enter into prayer with us in difficult times.

If you would like to receive weekly prayer requests from up, join our Facebook group here: Since it is a closed FB group, when you put your request in, make sure to answer the question and tell us what your connection to the HOH is.

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2 commentaires

Peggy Griffin
Peggy Griffin
16 juil. 2021

Have been praying daily for HOH and the nation of Haiti.


Carmen J. Bryant
Carmen J. Bryant
16 juil. 2021

I started "extra" prayers for you as soon as I heard about the assassination in the news. I'm thankful that God is still providing your needs in the midst of the turmoil.

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