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The HOH started in 1956 as a medical home where children from all over Haiti could be treated for Tuberculosis (TB).  When children came to the HOH, not only did they find the physical/medical hope they needed, they also found the spiritual hope they needed, as well.


Today, the HOH still provides physical and medical hope to Haitian children with all types of illnesses, but focuses mainly on TB and severe malnutrition.  It continues to have as its main goal the Spiritual Hope which can only be found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Some of the kids who come through the HOH come from extreme family situations and they are unable to return. 


During the summer of 2000, the HOH began a program called Our Hope. This program enables these kids to stay at the HOH long-term.  They receive an education, are trained professionally and most importantly learn about walking through life with Jesus. 

These kids learn responsibility by helping both in the HOH and through ministry opportunities in our community.  Our fervent desire for them is for them to become strong leaders sharing the Great News of the love of Jesus; wherever they go.

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