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Highs and Lows

For most of our kids, school vacation is in full swing and you can see by the smiles they are very happy about this. Just one group of students is left to finish their exams and they are doing that this week.

Having all the kids home all day now means 2 things: there are a lot of hands to help out with whatever needs to be done. But then, there is a lot of extra work keeping everyone busy, productive and out of trouble!

The summer has started with a flurry of activity for us; some good and exciting, others tough and difficult to process. Here's a glimpse of our ups and downs over the past few weeks...

In general, things seem calmer in the country at the moment. It doesn't seem that anything has really been truly resolved, but we are thankful for some calm and a bit more ease to be able to move about. Our students have all been able to write their exams, which we were sure was going to happen a few weeks ago. Now we ask you to pray for continued calm as we have our camp week coming up towards the end of this month. Jenny will be traveling into Haiti, and some of our older kids and "forever" kids (young adults who have moved on but will always be "kids" to us) will be coming back to help out as well.

Another high for us over these past few weeks has been watching various HOH kids move on to different stages in life. Several of the kids have graduated from Kindergarten into the start of Elementary school, others (like Siliana here) have graduated from Elementary going into Secondary school. We have some finishing High School, but they won't know for a while yet if they have been successful in that. And at the same time, we saw one of our University boys graduate from his general studies in business to go on to the next phase of specialized studies next year. It is exciting to watch these young people gain an education and work towards a hope for their futures. We are so thankful to our Father who has provided through you all to be able to give them this hope. And thank you to each one of you who give to make this happen year after year.

These happy and fun moments have been interspersed with some low moments for us as well. Most of them consist of health issues which always seem to come in downpours. It is hardly surprising since the reason most of our kids come to the HOH are health reasons, but this time it has really touched our staff as well. I'll share by way of some prayer requests:

  • Several of our staff have had serious illness crop up over the past couple of weeks. For one of them it is her child who is very sick and has been hospitalized. For another, she herself took very ill while at work at the HOH and has been unable to work for a couple of weeks now. Still another is at home recovering from an incident that has brought a lot of stress and caused her to become sick.

  • One of our staff that you have prayed for before is Sè (sister) Rose. We thought we were going to lose her last year, but then she improved quite a bit. Lately she has started back downhill and we are seeking out options for finding a specialist to help her.

  • You have also prayed for our young lady, Oliana many times before. Her health problems which were already many have become even more and worse than before. She is in a terrible health crisis at the moment and we need much wisdom to know what is best for her.

  • Another one of our little boys is in need of surgery. It cannot be done in our partnering hospital here and he will have to travel to Port-au-Prince to have it done. This is scheduled for later in the summer.

  • We also found out from some visiting eye doctors that 4 of our kids are in need of glasses. We are trying to work through some options of getting this need taken care of.

So, with all of this, we could really use your prayers for each of these cases. Pray specifically for Linda who is having to deal with all of this at the same time, filling in extra shifts for staff who are not able to work, and has to make lots of decisions each day with regards to them. Pray for wisdom to know how best to handle each case and help out as much as we are able to. Pray also for God's provision of the finances we need to take care of these needs. As you can imagine they bring extra burden on our budget, especially when they are all so serious and happen at the same time.

We are so grateful for your support in so many ways. You likely won't hear from us on the blog for a while as I (Jenny) will be in Haiti. If you want to keep up with how things are going down there, feel free to join our Facebook page, or request that we send you the Facebook posts in email form if you aren't on Facebook. You can find links on how to do that on our website: .

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