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Yeah, We Did It!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the fund raising drive for camp scholarships for this coming summer day camp at the HOH. We got enough donations to cover the costs of all 300 campers!  

We are so excited to be able to share the hope of Jesus with these children, youth and young adults from our local community. The lessons are finished we just have to print off the booklets for each camper, most of the things we purchased in the US for camp have arrived in Haiti, and the food should be bought and shipped in a couple of weeks here. God willing, camp will start on the afternoon of July 27th.

In the meantime, there are some things we have to finish up with. Some of our kids are already out of school for the summer while numerous others will finish up the end of this week. For 3 different groups of kids, the toughest part of their school year is still ahead of them. This week the official government exams begin for grades 6, 9 and 13. Starting tomorrow the first group, grade 6 will be writing. The grade 9s will write June 24 -26 and the final grade 13 group will be July 8-12. Here are pictures of all three of our groups -- there are 2 students missing from the grade 13 picture.

These exams can be extremely difficult and our students have been studying very hard in the hope of being able to pass them and move on. Please pray for them that they would study hard, retain what they've learned and be able to recall it when the time comes.

We'd ask you to pray for 2 other prayer requests that are heavy on our minds:

  • You might have heard of the instability still in the country of Haiti. There is just deep discouragement and darkness as the conditions in the country continue to deteriorate. Prices for everything keep rising, fuel is hard to get at times, gangs continue to bring violence to certain areas and stories of government corruption are everywhere. It is hard to discern what is true but people are extremely frustrated and angry with the difficulties of just surviving each day. Please pray for the country of Haiti, for wisdom to deal with the issues that come up each day, for truth to be revealed and most of all for the light of Jesus to shine through His people into the darkness of this difficult time.

  • The 2nd request is a much more personal one for Linda. Her family was hit with tragedy last night when a teenage boy was struck by lightning while on a motorcycle. Both the boy and the other person on the bike were killed by the strike. It was a huge shock to their home community and families. We know this young boy was a believer, so for that we are thankful, but the loss is excruciatingly painful right now. Please pray for Linda, Phania and their family as they go through this difficult time.

We are so thankful for the many ways you all help us out at the HOH. We have received so much encouragement, support and kindness over the past few months and we appreciate the part you play in this special ministry.

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