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Stay at Home Some More

We like some of you, perhaps, continue to remain under stay at home orders. It has been an interesting time. The initial fun and adventure are wearing off and now we are just figuring out how to fill the long days.

It does stand to reason that it in some ways it is easier to keep people busy with so many people in our home. They can all play together and come up with ideas of things to do.

The other day, Nannie's big idea was to try a wig rather than deal with her hair! Maybe some of you can relate to that.

In our last blog we showed you pictures of the everyday tasks that keep us busy. But when everything is cleaned, cooked, and preened, just what do we do to fill up the rest of the day? Have a look...

We are still receiving new kids into our home who need the HOH. Most of our new kids are babies or young kids who are malnourished. But this past month we had the privilege of receiving back one young lady who had been in our home when she was just a toddler.

Inelda was originally at the HOH with TB in her spine back in 2004. She went through the treatment before returning home. Unfortunately, over the past couple of months, this illness came back and has caused Inelda to lose the use of her legs. Her family brought her back to the HOH searching for answers.

You can imagine it was tough for her emotionally, to have this hit her again at this point in her life. But this is the same thing that happened to Linda and who better to help her work through this then someone who has been through it herself? Inelda will have to go through another round of treatments and there is always the hope that she will gain some movement back again.

To cheer her up, the kids put together a birthday party for her last week (she is in the blue in the center). She has already made many new friends and we are happy for the chance to share hope in its many forms to her as she is with us once again.

A public order went into place in Haiti this past week that everyone who goes out in public must wear a mask. Some of our young ladies decided it was time to make masks for everyone, just in case they needed them. They will be mostly used by our older kids who need to go out and do our shopping and errands, but we will also have some for the other kids in case we need them.

They didn't have to look far to find volunteers to try them on!

Due to the ever-increasing price of food and supplies in our corner of Haiti we are having to be creative with our meals. It is a lot of help when we get a hand with that from God's creation.

It is mango season once again and this is helping us fill in some of our gaps. Our kids sure do enjoy a feast of mangoes.

Another way we are trying to be creative in our future food needs is raising a few goats. Goat meat is one of our main sources of meat for the kids. It is also a good activity and learning experience for the kids to care for them.

Every afternoon the middle age kids take the goats from the pen on our yard to the campground located right beside our partnering hospital. There is a lot of grass around there and our goats are cutting down on their need to cut their grass!

We are so thankful for our partners who continue to give despite the difficulties they might be facing. Our loving Father has provided for us again and again and this provision has just encouraged our kids so much. This whole time has been another moment of growth in our lives where our faith in His goodness has been stretched and strengthened.

We continue to pray that the same would be true in your lives as together we face this difficult time. This past week we have been studying Psalm 139. How wonderful it is to contemplate on just how well God knows us, where we are and what we are going through; how lovingly He formed us and how He is always with us thanks to Jesus. May you find peace through that knowledge as well.

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2021

Thanks for the update and pictures of the HOH family. Praying for Imelda that her legs will be strengthended and wisdom for Linda. Keeping Haiti in prayer for the needs the earthquake left.

God bless each one! 🙏❤️

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