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Stay at Home

Many of you, like us at the House of Hope (HOH), are under stay at home advice or even orders. It is a new adventure for all of us and one we won't easily forget. Trying to implement social distancing measures in a family that numbers around 100 is no easy task.

We live in really close proximity to one another and it would be impossible to have actual physical distancing among ourselves. So, we have implemented what we can by way of closing our gates and not allowing visitors to come in; not allowing the kids to be out and about in the community; limiting our staff coming and going and intense hand washing and cleaning protocols.

Another challenge to the stay at home adventure is keeping this large family (who vary in ages from infants to an elderly staff member who lives with us) occupied and out of trouble. So, we thought we'd show you some pictures of what keeps our family busy...

Much of the day is taken up with chores and everyone has their part to play:

There are various groups who help in the kitchen to make the food. Everyone is thrilled when it's Linda's turn, she makes the best food!:

Hair styles are a really big deal for our girls. They think about it, talk about it, plan for it and then when they have spare time they comb and braid each other's hair for hours at a time:

Of course there are always little ones to care for:

And then of course there are times with games, continued school studies and exercising in our sports room:

We know you all are facing similar circumstances in your homes and we hope you are able to have the peace of God in your hearts as we all face this unusual time. We are so thankful to those of you who support us and allow us to take care of our big family and we are grateful to those of you who pray with us through this time.

We are posting daily updates in the closed HOH Facebook group. On top of updates we are introducing the HOH family one by one and they are sharing special Bible verses of encouragement with our supporters. If you aren't part of this group but would like to join, follow this link: If you aren't on Facebook, we also send these out in an email each day. If you'd like to be added to that list, send us your email address to: .

We pray for all of you during this time as well. We know this isn't an easy time for anyone. We find comfort in knowing we are never alone, we have a loving Father who cares for us and who will give us what we need to face whatever situation may come our way. We pray that you have this assurance as well.

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