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So Hard to Watch

I think we all feel like Hendy at times. If we cover our eyes then just maybe it's not really happening. But, we know it doesn't work and one day Hendy will learn this as well. For now at least, he can still pretend.

These days we'd love to cover our eyes against the things that are happening in our dear country. But the struggles just seem to keep coming.

Some of our students have only been able to go to a couple of days of school since it opened in early September. The problems with the government, the riots and unrest seem to be reaching out to every corner of the country.

There are so many issues at play here it gets complicated and there's no way we could describe in in a few words. But no matter what the issues, the results are always the same. The common people on the street -- they suffer incredibly.


Here are some examples from our area of Haiti over the past couple of weeks:

Last week these carrots would cost you 5 Haitian Gourdes, this week it costs 50

This amount of rice was 30 Gourdes last week, this week it is 80.

Gas went up from 200 Haitian Gourdes a gallon to 1,750 Gourdes a gallon.

Charcoal to cook with has gone from 500 Gourdes a sack to 1,750 Gourdes.


Most of the people around us are not able to stock up ahead of time for situations like this as they live from day to day on what they earn that day. Even when things aren't in such unrest in the country it is difficult for them to eat a meal every day. So you can imagine their situation is much more difficult at the moment.

We are keenly aware at times like this that we have a hope and a peace that is beyond understanding. While we sometimes feel at a loss to know what to do about the things going on around us, we know we can trust in our Father who has promised to take care of our needs. We strive to pass this hope, peace and whatever else we can help them with along to our staff, their families as well as our neighbors.

Would you pray with us during this difficult time? Pray for peace to be established in Haiti. Pray for the spiritual battles that are so much a part of this, evil is running without check in so many of these situations. Pray for peace in our hearts as the days get stressful. Pray that we would be clear witnesses of the hope we have in Jesus and that we would not lose sight of God's promises to us. Pray for provision of our needs and ways to help those around us.

As always we are so grateful for your support and partnership in this work. If anyone wants to help out with the extra needs we have right now, you can find the ways to make donations here on our donation page.

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