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Pressing On

On my third text message telling me how much I was missing out, I realized something substantial was going on at the HOH. Then the pictures started coming in and I got a first hand glimpse of their special day.

November 1 was a general holiday in Haiti, no one was expected to be anywhere. The kids who have been having school were out for the day and with our university kids back home due to the unrest in the country, the family was mostly all together. A perfect recipe for a really fun day.

For the most part, our kids don't need a reason to create fun. But lately with the continued violence, demonstrations and "lock down" throughout the country, the stress has been building up. Some of our kids have been able to attend school regularly in our small village because the unrest only occasionally reaches here. Our kids who go to school in town however, still go some days, but always with a back up plan. If things turn violent, they know the safe houses of our friends in town they can run to and take shelter.

Food and fuel also continues to be a problem due to their scarcity and continuing rising costs. While we have been blessed by the generosity of our partners to be able to get what we need during this time, it is hard to watch our neighbors in our local community struggle to find and get what they and to know how best to help out.

On top of this, we have had several of our kids struggling with major health issues. Some need medicines and blood that we are unable to find locally and going out farther, where we could possible get it, is prohibitive due to the unrest. Prices for the medicines have risen as they have for everything else. When everything piles on like this, it is easy to get overwhelmed and simply not know what to do.

So, in the midst of this stressful time, our young leadership team along with Linda decided a fun day was necessary to help everyone relax, take a break and enjoy themselves a bit. I was thrilled to get the pictures and see so many smiling faces.

The fun day was the boost they needed and life in Haiti continues. While it isn't easy, we know where our hope is placed. Of course we'd love an easier life for our kids, but we wouldn't trade the faith they have in their Heavenly Father to take care of each and every daily need for anything. For some this confidence is easier than for others. But as a "family" we press on, not knowing what tomorrow will bring in Haiti but knowing we can trust our Father to help us face whatever might come.

So many of you have been part of the Father's help for us to make it through these tough days. Thank you for your financial gifts that have enabled us to purchase food, meds and other supplies we need. Thank you to those who pray with us daily for the things that have been difficult to deal with. (If you'd like to be part of receiving regular prayer request, consider joining our Facebook group or getting those updates by email. You can find out how here.)

We are so grateful to you our partners. Please keep pressing on with us!

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