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New Life

Having gone through a couple of winters in Manitoba now, I realize I have finally found something I like about winter -- when it is over and spring has arrived! It's wonderful when the temperature starts to warm up, the birds start singing and the trees start to bloom. It's like new life is sprouting out all over. I definitely missed the switch from winter to spring season in my years in Haiti.

This past week at the House of Hope a different kind of new life sprouted.

For the Easter school break, our young leaders planned a week long Easter conference. They held services each evening in our yard and opened it up for our neighbors to join in. Different local pastors and leaders came to talk about all that Jesus did for us and the great hope we can have in Him. Each night they came with music groups from their churches who sang and had times of praise and worship.

The meetings were well attended and culminated with a lovely Easter Morning service. We were so proud of our young leaders, they worked hard and organized a very lovely conference. But the thing that brought all of us more joy was that many people heard the Best News Ever -- the hope that faith in Jesus brings -- and 5 people responded to this news (4 of them are pictured at the top of the page).

While one of these new believers is a child from our neighborhood, each of the others came to the HOH for various reasons mostly related to their physical or emotional health. How exciting that they also found spiritual hope during their time with us.

Each one of you plays an important part in bringing all types of hope to those who come to our home; whether through prayer or financial support, organizing fundraisers and drives, sending us things we need or dropping a timely word of encouragement. Thank you for your part!

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