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Living a New Life!

Easter is always a special time at the HOH to reflect on the New Life we received when we put our faith in Jesus, the true reason for this season! New Life means so much to our kids, many who came out of a completely different life. Here they are growing to understand the complete change that Christ makes in our lives.

Coloring and eating the Easter Eggs is a tradition we love to follow. The kids have so much fun doing the coloring. And the chance to have a whole egg for each person to eat is always a special occasion! The kids enjoyed an entire week off school. Some attended a day camp held in our community, others stayed home and helped with the daily activities at the HOH.

During this past week, Linda had the opportunity to do outreach in our local community. She is a Child Evangelism Fellowship Teacher’s Trainer and together with her colleagues they spent the holiday week teaching a whole new batch of teachers how to share the Good News of Jesus with children. This has always been a passion for Linda and while she finds these sessions exhausting, she would not trade it for anything. This time they trained eleven new teachers how to use the CEF materials to teach in Sunday Schools and Good News Clubs around our area of Haiti.

In our last blog we wrote about our boy’s new business venture at the HOH – making ice. Well, it has been a considerable success, so far. Each morning there is a line of customers waiting to purchase ice and then others come throughout the day to buy up what is left. It is turning out to be a valuable experience for the boys as they learn about doing business and the challenging work that comes along with it.

Jenny’s trip through the Southern US this May/June is coming together quite nicely.

If you would like to know specific dates of where she will be, check with her on our email:

If you do see her, you can pick up one of our new Prayer Cards!

Your support and prayers are such a blessing to us as we continue to experience the insecurities of life in Haiti. Every time we must send our boys out to do errands or know our boys in the cities are moving around going to their classes, it is a bit stressful. Trusting them to our caring Father is a constant exercise throughout the day. It is not easy, but having to put total faith in Him and in His provisions for everything from funds to food to health and protection certainly is a growing experience for us all. And what a blessing to have Jesus’ New Life in us to help us through these days. We trust that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and are being blessed in the same way as you trust our Father to provide for you in the ways you have need as well.

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