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It's About Time!

Greetings to all of you. It has been such a long time since we’ve updated our blog and we are sorry for this delay. The only excuse we have is busyness and I feel like everyone these days can say the same thing. The year got off to a running start for us and it’s hard to believe we are already into March.

We started the New Year following our tradition of having an all night party. Really it is partially a party and partially a time of praise, worship and testimony of God’s goodness in the past year. It is always a special time that includes great food and fun times. The little ones try to stay up as long as they can, but eventually most head off to bed.

Linda and the kids have been busy getting some necessary repairs done to the HOH. They’ve also ventured into a new business of making and selling ice. They installed an ice machine (picture here, the blue/clear sachets are water that will turn to ice) with the help of one of our adult “kids”, Carl-Evens who works for an ice machine company in PAP. After finding out the ice business was working so well, they branched out into “Ti Kawo” a little sachet of very sweet juice that is frozen much like a popsicle. Both the ice and Ti Kawo market is doing well and it is always encouraging to see their entrepreneurial spirit blooming.

As for the rest of the kids, they are busy with school and their various studies and jobs. Several of the kids recently organized themselves into a group called the “Optimists”. They gave themselves the job of organizing events at the HOH for the other kids. These events range from games in the afternoons (especially during weeks like this one, when there is no school), to Bible quizzes during our family devotional time, to learning about current events and general knowledge. We are always encouraged to see these little groups crop up from time to time as it gives the kids a chance to use their talents and gifts and we really can start to see the leaders rise up.

Jenny is hoping to take a trip to visit some of our friends and supporters as well as speak at a few churches in the month of May. Lord willing, she will be going from Arkansas, through Atlanta and then down through the whole of Florida. If any of you live in this general area and would like to know where she will be and when, or would like to see her, please get in touch with us.

God has blessed us so much through the wonderful support team that we have. He has provided for our needs time and again and we are so thankful to Him and to you all who partner in ministry with us.

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