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Happy April!

Yesterday was "Pwason davril" day in Haiti -- or "April Fish" day. It's their take on "April Fool's" day. It's a day when you try to send people on bogus errands. People get a kick out of coming up with ways to trick you into going somewhere on an errand and if you fall for it, you get to the place they sent you only to be told "Pwason davril". It can be interesting at the HOH where we generally do need the kids to run errands throughout the day. For the most part though, it's lots of fun and everyone gets a kick out of either catching someone or being caught in the joke.

We have one small bit of housekeeping to take care of. I apparently did not make it clear on the Camp Donation Card from our last update that all checks sent in to Extreme Response for the HOH or for camp donations need to be made out to: Extreme Response. They cannot receive checks made out to House of Hope. I am very sorry for not making this clearer and very sorry for those who already sent in donations made out to HOH. If that happened to you, ER will be sending them back to you to be written out again in their name. I will try to make this clearer in all future communications.

Today we wanted to share some prayer requests with you about some upcoming events:

First of all...

Introducing this years' group of Young Leaders at the HOH

Our young leaders help out so much at the HOH. They help Linda run programs like family devotions, game nights, general work and keeping order around our house. The group changes every couple of years or so as the older kids move on and younger ones grow up and take up the responsibility as places need to be filled.

This group is in the midst of planning an Easter week-long conference for our neighborhood. They are planning evening services of music and worship as well as local pastors to come and share the Easter Story throughout the week. I am really excited by how much thought and planning they are putting into it this year and would ask you to pray for them. Pray that they would find people to participate and that the Good News of Jesus would find receptive hearts in those who come to the evening meetings.

Next is a word of praise...

The HOH received a delivery of food from Miami this past weekend. There is nothing quite like having your food storage filled up and being able to breathe easy for a few weeks. We thank everyone who had a hand in helping us get these products to the HOH and ask you to thank God for so many great supporters and for being so faithful in supplying all of our needs.


Our University kids will be writing some pretty tough exams coming up in a couple of weeks here. They are studying hard in anticipation of these exams and we'd love it if you prayed for them.


Linda had high hopes of getting her cast removed from her leg a couple of weeks ago, but after an x-ray was told she needed to wait a couple more weeks. We are hoping this can soon come off and that her leg has healed completely. Thank you for your continued prayers for her -- she does so much work and to have to do it with the added pain and bother of a broken leg and now cast on the leg makes it so much more difficult.


We are so grateful for everyone who has responded to the call we sent out in the last update to help us with the upcoming Summer Camp. Several people have contacted us with ideas of ways they want to raise funds through special events in their various areas. We'd ask you to pray for these partners and all the work and logistics they are going through in an attempt to raise fund for this project (as well as some others). Pray that there would be a big response and that we would be able to raise the funds we need for camp and for the general needs of the HOH ministry as well.

We appreciate each one of you and your partnership with us as we bring hope to those God brings to our home!

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