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Close To Our Goal!

Here we are almost halfway through May already. July and Camp at the HOH will be here before you know it. We are knee deep into plans and preparations. The first of the supplies started arriving in Haiti today with more on the way. The t-shirts have been printed and will soon be shipped. I (Jenny) am busy working on the Bible lessons; I have finished 2 out of 6. Each lesson takes a lot of work and I am feeling the pressure to get it all done before July -- you could pray for me about that.

We are very excited to tell you that we have almost reached our goal to have help sponsoring 300 kids for camp at the HOH. We have received funds to sponsor 257! That means there are only 43 left to sponsor and at $20 each that means $860.

One of the community kids who has participated in various events at the HOH over the years shared with us recently what our yearly camp has meant in his life. T-Wiss (pictured above) is a young adult now in our local community. But since he was a young teen he has been hanging around the HOH. He now helps us out at camp as one of the leaders. He has a job but makes sure he takes his vacation each year during camp week so he can be there and participate. During the rest of the year T-Wiss continues to study God's Word and has had several opportunities to preach at his local church.

Here is part of what T-Wiss had to say about the things he has learned at camp...

"These words have changed my life, for four years now I have lived a life of abundance. These words have helped me grow in the knowledge of the Good News and lift the heavy weight I felt on my back all my life. I am so happy because I have finally found my identity, I have discovered the life that Jesus wants me to live. I can't say thank you enough for this gift, the best gift I've ever received in my life. I ask God to bless each person who contributed in this change that has happened in my life and the lives of all the others who come to camp each year."

We are so grateful to everyone who participated in this special need and have faith that the rest will come in over the next couple of months (if you still wanted to participate please do so at!). Thank you to those who gave, thank you to those who organized and ran fund-raisers and thanks to those who prayed for this need.

Here are a few more prayer requests we'd like to share with you:

  • The kids are staring down the end of the school year. That means exams for everyone and special government exams for specific grade levels. They'd love your prayers as they study hard in order to pass these exams.

  • Alexandra, who has been at the HOH for the past number of months will be leaving and returning home to France this week. She has been an invaluable help to Linda over the past few months and she will really be missed. Pray for others to step in and help Linda out (even some of our older kids as they learn and grow in their gifts and abilities).

  • Life in Haiti continues to be more and more of a struggle. Sporadic insecurity and rising prices of everyday items brings on more stress as discouragement abounds. It is a great opportunity for us to be a light in our community. Pray for wisdom in knowing how best to help those around us and to use our resources wisely as well.

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